Menu for Week of March 7-13

Miso and Herb Crusted Ribeye Roast with a Miso Spinach – I was grocery shopping the other day and picking up random ingredients to restock the kitchen. I came across some miso paste and really had no clue what to do with it, I just knew I wanted it. As I got home and looked at all the fresh herbs on my windowsill it dawned on me, “make a miso and herb mixture to lather a ribeye roast in…” so I did. I needed something to pair with it so I went with a blanched spinach mixed with miso, soy, sesame, and sherry. Overall it was flavorful, bold, and a beaut to look at

Puerco Pibil with a Avocado and Poblano Purée – This classic Yucatán comfort food hits warm in my heart every time I take a bite; the tangy zip of citrus and annatto, the gentle heat on the back of the palette, and a melt in your mouth pork that’s unworldly. I did elevate it a bit with the fancy purée but I was just feeling a little extra.
Asian Pork Chop with a Carrot Purée and Japanese Slaw – I’d love to have a fun story about this dish but I don’t, ha. I’ve been a bit under the weather and haven’t went to the grocery, so I used what was in the house. The chop had a quick 1 hour marinade, the slaw is rice vinegar based and tangy, the purée is packed with a fresh garlic and a ginger punch, and the sauce is a reduced marinade with some brown sugar added to sweeten it up. Overall, a very successful dish for being a throw together.



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